Ban On Term-time Holidays Is ‘blatantly Unfair’, Says Tory MP

The ongoing disputes between schools and families over the ban on term-time holidays that has seen many parents fined are "blatantly unfair" and are questioning the importance of family life, according to MPs. During a debate over strict regulations that prohibit children from taking term-time absence except in "exceptional" circumstances, MPs are calling for a review of the policy as family life is being adversely affected. Children are losing out on important family events as schools are refusing to authorise even short absences. The debate has also highlighted that UK tourism is impacted also as the country’s industry loses business during term-time due to restrictions. Tourist areas and middle-income families who don’t want to pay peak season prices are particularly affected.

The situation at hand is evidently unworkable. If the government chooses not to revoke the current regulations, a comprehensive investigation by the education select committee would facilitate an extensive exploration of the matter, with the aim of determining a feasible resolution.

The Local Government Association, which represents 370 councils and boroughs across the country, has also urged for alterations to the policy. Official statistics reveal that the policy has resulted in a decline in the number of state school pupils taking authorised holidays in exceptional circumstances. However, the percentage of those taking unauthorised holidays has scarcely changed, according to the LGA.

Roy Perry, the chairman of the LGA’s children and young people committee, stated that although children’s education is treated with the utmost seriousness, the current system does not always favour families, particularly those who are struggling to meet the demands of modern life or have unconventional work commitments.


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