Ted Talks Review

To prepare myself for the Marian Scholars research, I watched TED Talks that were given to me by children my age. The kids spent time and energy researching and presenting a passion topic. The first TED Talk I watched was “A promising test for pancreatic cancer…from a teenager,” where a boy of 15 explains his research into and development of a method to detect early stage pancreatic disease after losing a friend to it. The boy told the story and described each step of how he brought his idea to reality while studying antibodies for biology class. His story was very informative. I also found it enlightening.

In “My Intention to Make Peace with Lions,” a Kenyan kid explains why he set up moving lights all around his property so that Lions would not prey on the livestock of his family. In his community he had his invention installed by his friends. This helped him receive a grant to attend one of Kenya’s most prestigious universities, where his goal is to train as a Pilot. It was important for me to learn that you should always be optimistic and determined when you pursue your ideas.

Sierra Huang, a 11-year-old girl, presented the “An 11 Year-Old’s Magic Violin.” She analyzed and reviewed the design and technology of the instrument and how they work together to entertain a performer. She also played impressive pieces on her violin accompanied with a piano. She was so passionate about her art that I felt she had to know more.

Watching TED Talks made me realize how important it is to find a topic you are interested in. It is important to prepare properly by practicing and remaining confident during the presentation. Confidence is a key to enhancing the presentation. It makes the audience more engaged and enjoy the presentation.


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