Amcas, Aacomas And Tmdsas Gpa Calculator

It is well-known that you must have a high GPA in order to be admitted to medical school. The average GPA for schools with less prestige is 3.5/4.0. Check the GPA requirements of each school you are applying to. To see your current grades and determine what grades you will need to get to maintain or improve your GPA, you'll want to calculate your GPA.
Additionally, when applying to medical school with the American Medical College Application Service or the American Association of Colleges of Osteopathic Medicine and/or Texas Medical and Dental School Application Service (TMDSAS), you'll need your GPA calculated.

All classes that you have taken will be included in your GPA calculation. This includes classes in Science that you have taken again. AMCAS and AACOMAS require this even if your grade is replaced with a higher one. The New Start Program provided by TMDSAS is the exception. However, even with TMDSAS it is still necessary to report any grades that you have earned in the Fresh Start Program.

Let's see how we can calculate our GPA for each service.


AMCAS will be our first choice because it is the most central college application portal for allopathic medicine. These are the steps that you should follow to submit your AMCAS request:

  1. All official transcripts from college available.
  2. You can enter all grades in the AMCAS calculator. AMCAS GPA Calcul will average both your grades from the same course and add them together to calculate your GPA.
  3. Any grades that you received from classes not listed on your transcript, please enter them. This includes classes you have removed from your record.
  4. To help you calculate your Science Grade Point Average, apart from your Cumulative Grade Point Average, it is easier to Star Science Classes
  5. Enter your GPA using the AMCAS GPA calculator.

Your cumulative GPA represents your average GPA across all classes. Your Science GPA can also be known as your BCPM. This acronym stands for Biology Chemistry, Physics, Math and more. Your BCPM (or Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Math) is your college's GPA. AMCAS offers a guide for more information.


The American Association of Colleges of Osteopathic Physicians is the central application. This application is required to obtain your DO degree. Fill out AMCAS or AACOMAS if applying to both osteopathic and allopathic schools.

Here are some steps to help you complete your AACOMAS applications:

  1. Request official transcripts from your college.
  2. Your grades must be entered. AACOMAS requires that you report all grades, even if they have been deleted.
  3. For your Science GPA you will need to seperate science courses from other courses. Please note that AACOMAS excludes Math courses from your Science GPA.
  4. Enter your GPA to the AACOMAS GPA Calculator.

AACOMAS functions differently to AMCAS. AMCAS only collects your science and cumulative GPAs. AACOMAS segregates your grades into these GPA categories.

  • For each school that you have attended, your GPA
  • Every school year, for both graduate and undergraduate courses
  • Your cumulative undergraduate GPA in all post-baccalaureate courses
  • Your GPA for both undergraduate and graduate studies
  • Your science grade point average
  • GPA for non-science subjects
  • GPAs of each class taken (sciences and humanities, etc.)

Post-baccalaureate is a class you take after you have completed your bachelor's, but before starting a graduate school program.

Texas Medical and Dental Schools Application Service

Only apply to Texas Medical and Dental School Application Service. Texas is America's only state that offers its own application services.

  1. Your official college transcripts are available.
  2. Please enter your grades.
  3. Separate science courses from other courses to calculate your Science GPA.
  4. Enter your GPA into our GPA Calculator.

TMDSAS has unique attributes. They don't consider weighted GPAs. TMDSAS will convert a C- from a C+ university.

Here's a list of GPAs that TMDSAS gathers as part your application

  • GPA overall
  • GPA for Science Overall
  • GPA for undergraduates
  • GPA for undergraduates other than Science
  • GPA for undergraduate science
  • GPA for graduates overall
  • GPA of all non-Science graduates
  • GPA for all graduate science students

Click here to find out the course requirements for each category.

The Fresh Start Program: No Exceptions

It can be difficult to get an exemption for not submitting your grades. AMCAS and AACOMAS as well as TMDSAS are interested in seeing all classes taken, attempts, withdrawals, or failures. Even if it isn't a part of the journey you love, it's still part.

TMDSAS is an exception. Although it is not suitable for all, it does offer an exception. It's called the Fresh Start Program. If you've been for more than 10 years, the Fresh Start Program will help. TMDSAS is likely to have a higher grade than AMCAS/AACOMAS due to this.

This exception applies only to applicants who are part of the Fresh Start Program. If you aren’t part of the Fresh Start Program, or if there is a difference in your medical school application, you’ll still need those courses submitted to AMCAS/AACOMAS.

AACOMAS once had a system for replacing grades. The best grade from the second course would take precedence over the first. That's no more the case. You can submit your old grades only through the Fresh Start Program.

If you need assistance with our AMCAS or AACOMAS GPA calculator, don't hesitate contacting us. International Medical Aid will be there to guide you through each step.


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