University Of Alabama (Ua): Acceptance Rate And Admissions

The University of Alabama was established in 1831 as a public institution of higher education. The Fall 2020 session saw a total of 31,670 undergraduates. The campus covers an area of 1,143 acres. The university has a semester-based academic schedule.

Alabama has its flagship campus. This campus is located in Tuscaloosa, also known by the Capstone. University of Alabama's academic life is vibrant and full of enthusiasm. There are about 500 student clubs and 70 fraternities.

General Information About The University of Alabama

Schools Type Co-Educational Institution Open to the Public
Founding year 1831
Environment semi-Urban
University Schedule of Events School term
Cellular device (205) 348-6010

University of Alabama Rankings-2022

Performance is a key factor in ranking schools and universities

  • The University of Alabama ranks at number 148 within the National Universities.
  • It is ranked number 86 among the Best Colleges for Veterans.
  • The University of Alabama is ranked number 132 among the Best Value Schools.

While it is not easy to get into the University of Alabama, it is not impossible. You can make the University of Alabama admissions process quick and easy by following these steps.

This includes keeping track of 

  • University of Alabama Acceptance rate
  • Alabama ACT requirements
  • Alabama GPA requirements
  • Qualifications needed to take the SAT

This article will walk you through all the requirements for admission to the University of Alabama. These include Alabama GPA, Alabama Acceptance Rate, and Alabama ACT Requirements.

UA Acceptances

Attention must be paid to the acceptance rates of University of Alabama. The acceptance rate at the University of Alabama indicates how competitive the admissions process is.

Alabama's acceptance rate is 59.1 per cent. The University of Alabama accepts a lower percentage than other universities. Alabama's admission process is somewhat selective. The university expects students to meet the UA acceptance rates.

This includes GPA, SAT/ACT and other requirements. The school's admissions process is more flexible than other schools. The University of Alabama admission requirements should be met and the scores must be exceeded. This will increase his chances of being selected.

University of Alabama GPA Requirements

The required GPA is determined by the University. Students must only achieve a low score. Students are able to submit more applications by achieving this score. They are able to take part in admission.

The college requires a 3.71 GPA. Students must be above the average in their respective schools to be accepted at the University of Alabama. Students who are admitted to the University of Alabama have a mixture of A's or B's.

If your GPA is not improving, you can work on your SATs/ACTs scores. If your GPA falls below 3.71, it's better to concentrate on other admission requirements. Compete well with other students by having a high ACT/SAT score

University of Alabama Admissions Requirements Application Requirements

For admission to most schools, students only need to submit their SAT/ACT scores. Some schools might also require students to submit their SAT Subject Tests. Students who apply to the University of Alabama have to take their SAT/ACTs. Students must strive for high scores on both the SAT and ACT exams.

University of Alabama Admissions

The University of Alabama's average SAT composite score is 1184 on a 1600 scale. This makes Alabama a bit competitive. Students will be able to achieve a score of 1280 above the average score, and 1060 below it. Let's take a look at the breakdown for SAT scores –

Chapter Median 25th percentile 75th percentile
Writing and reading 594 540 640
Arithmetic 589 520 640
A combination of different elements 1184 1060 1280

SAT Scoring Choice Strategy

The University of Alabama's score-choice policy is an essential admission policy. This allows students the freedom to choose the SAT score they wish to send. Only the angle highest score will be accepted by the University.

Candidates will be able to choose which SAT tests to send using the SAT Score Choice Policy. This policy also allows students to take the SATs as often as they like. The school may then consider their highest score.

Many students are hopeful that they will be admitted to the school thanks to this policy. You can take additional tests if your SAT score is lower than 1184. You can increase the chances of being selected by increasing your score.

University of Alabama ACT requirements

Alabama has a competitive ACT score requirement. You might be rejected if you have an ACT score that is below or above average.

Alabama requires a 27 average ACT score. A score of 23 or less on the ACT will likely prevent you from being granted a seat at Alabama.

ACT Score Sending policy

The university has a high acceptance rate for UA. Your advantage is in submitting your ACT score and not your SAT score. It is advantageous to send scores. This will increase the chances that you are selected to attend University.

Students have the option of choosing which tests to send to the University. If you have taken five tests, the scores for each one can be sent to the University.

Instead, submit the highest test scores. This will increase your chances of getting higher ACT scores. 27 is the minimum ACT score required by University. You should aim to achieve it.

ACT Superscore Policy

The ACT superscoring system is not used by many schools. This means they won't take into account the highest section scores you submitted to the test. Schools will only take your highest ACT score in one sitting.

The University of Alabama doesn't have an ACT policy. The University doesn't likely superscore ACT scores. Students may submit their highest ACT score for admission.

Other Admission Prerequisites- SAT/ACT Writing Section Prerequisites

Students are aware that the SAT/ACT has an optional essay section. Alabama requires that students complete an essay writing section. This is an important aspect of the admissions process.

Subject Test Requirements

The UA does not have information about the SAT subject tests. The University of Alabama's official website is where students can find more information. This section will allow students to confirm their admission requirements.

Alabama is very selective about its admissions process. A SAT score above 1280 and a 31 ACT score will increase your chances of being selected. Alabama's acceptance rate is 59%. This acceptance rate is indicative that students must be above-average.

This will ensure that they are admitted to the University. A minimum GPA of 3.71 is required. Letters of recommendation are not required by the University of Alabama. Additional certificates are not required if students have high SAT/ACT/GPA grades.

Final Admissions Review

Let us take a look into the University of Alabama's admission requirements. This will increase the chance of UA being accepted.

  • Scores on SAT and ACT are required
  • Writing SAT essay and ACT essays – Required
  • GPA Scores – Required

Coursework Requirements

Topic Year
English 4
Mathematics 3
Exploration of the natural world 3
Foreign Language 1
Social Studies 4
Elective courses in history 5

Deadline & Early Application Details – AU

  • Standard Entry Fee
    • Yes, indeed.
    • The first of May
    • Rolling
  • Get in on the Action Early
    • Not at all
  • An option for applicants to apply for admission to a college or university and have their decision communicated to them earlier than those who apply through regular decision.
    • Not at all.

Recap UA acceptance rate Admission requirements

Each year, 39,000 students are enrolled at the University of Alabama. Experts project that the acceptance rate at the University of Alabama (UA) will reach 62 per cent in 2022-2023.

The official website provides more information on the admissions process. Students on F-1 and J-1 visas are allowed to work while at the University of Alabama. This is possible without the approval of International Student and Scholar Services.

Alabama University uses a competitive admissions system that analyzes and evaluates each applicant individually for their academic and student qualities.

The Undergraduate International Admissions Office reviews transcripts in light of country, institution, and program contexts. Some schools may require applicants to submit additional documentation or valid SAT/ACT scores. If you are interested in being admitted to the University of Alabama, make sure to take the exam.


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