Undergraduate Admission Requirements

Students who have met the following requirements are guaranteed admission to A&M Central Texas.

  • A minimum 2.0 cumulative transfer GPA is required on a scale of 4.0.
  • Minimum 30 semester hours at college-level. Applicants pursuing an Applied Science/Aviation Science degree may satisfy this requirement by utilizing certain workforce education credit from a approved Associate of Applied Science.
  • All previous universities or colleges must be returned to.

How To Apply

  • Complete the undergraduate application 
  • The $30 nonrefundable application fee can be paid electronically or in cash.
  • Official transcripts from all previous colleges or universities must be provided.

Please note: All applicants must disclose at least criminal conviction histories (except juvenile adjudications) involving violence or misconduct. Past substantiated and pending conduct charges involving violence or misconduct are also required. Expulsions and suspensions from postsecondary institutions that violate this regulation are also required. To determine eligibility for university admission, applicants who have been convicted or are pending convictions must complete the Conduct Disclosure Supplemental Questions Form. After submitting the form, the Admissions Review Committee assesses it and then makes a determination as to whether the applicant is allowed to continue the A&M Central Texas admissions process. A positive answer does not always mean a negative admission decision.

Requirements for Program Entry

A number of undergraduate degree programmes at A&M Central Texas require additional admission requirements. Students admitted to A&M-Central Texas may be eligible for enrollment in some courses even if they have not been formally admitted to the program. However, each department may have different requirements. Students are not eligible until they have met the department's entry requirements.

Please see the Undergraduate Programs for more information about undergraduate degree programs at A&M Central Texas.

There are no additional requirements to enter programs that include Teacher Certification Preparation classes. However, certification preparation courses require students to fulfill certain requirements. These requirements can be found on the program pages. You can also contact the College of Education's Educator Preparation Services for more information.


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