North Carolina State : Acceptance Rate, Sat Scores & Gpa

You might be amazed at how amazing it would feel to enroll in the university where some of the most prominent personalities live. You might also have the chance to learn where Rusell Wilson and Mary-Louise Parker studied, as well as Anthony Mackie and other notable personalities.

Tempted! It's North Carolina State University. Don't be discouraged if it seems difficult. This prestigious university will accept your SAT and ACT scores, as well as your GPA.

This unit will provide information about their acceptance rate, NC State SAT scores and ACT scores as well as GPA details.

North Carolina State University

NC State University (North Carolina State University) was established in Raleigh in 1887. It is a university for public research. The university gives 37,000 students an opportunity to gain admission each year. Because NC State University values quality education, students are limited to a small number of courses.

It is one the most prestigious universities in North Carolina, and Southeast.

Acceptance rates for NC State University

NC State University's acceptance rates are among the lowest. It was only 46% accepted. North Carolina State University's (NCSU), which admits 46 students out of every 100 students, has a 46% acceptance rate.

The competitiveness of NC State's admissions makes it very attractive. This school has strict admission requirements. Students with SAT/ACT scores below the top 18% are accepted most often. Straight-A students are accepted.

North Carolina State High School SAT Scores & Requirements

To be admitted to the school, you will need your NC State score. The SAT NC State requirements can be moderately challenging. It prefers candidates with scores below 20%.

If you are in the top 20% of North Carolina State's SAT scores, you will be granted admission.

SAT scores account for around 47%, according to previous records. Below is a table that shows the average NC State SAT score.

Section 25th percentile Average percentile 75th percentile
Reading Based on Evidence 610 650 690
Math 620 670 720
Put together 1230 1320 1410

The NC State SAT scores are between 1230 and 140 at 1600. It is very difficult to get into North Carolina State University if you score below 1230.

The SAT records previously show that half the applicants scored between 620 and 690 on the NC State SAT Evidence Based Reading and Writing sections. 25% of applicants scored in the lower range while 25% scored higher than 690. The NC State SAT Mathematics section saw 50% of applicants score between 630 and 730. This range was below 25%, while 25% of the students were in the upper half.

The composite score for first-year students at NC State is 1320 out 1600.

Score Policy and State Requirements for SAT NC State

NC State University accepts only students who score the highest in each section. This means that you don't need to take the SAT Writing section in order to be admitted at NC State. NC State accepted 52% more first-year students than SAT Scores in 2021.

Send your highest SAT score from all attempts. This is the SAT NC State score rule. To increase your chances of admission, if you score below the average composite scores on the SAT, then take the test again.

NC State University's Superscore or Score Policy allows you to put all your effort into improving your scores. You can focus on one section at the time. The section with the lowest score should be first. Next, move on.

North Carolina State ACT Scores Requirements

The ACT requirements at NC State are very similar to SAT requirements. Students who are among the top 15% nationally accepted to this school. This school accepts 50% of the ACT scores submitted in the past.

The following table shows the average NC State ACT statistics:

ACT 25th percentile Average percentile 75th percentile
Reading 25 29 33
Math 25 28 31
A mix of elements 27 29.50 32

This school has a 50% acceptance rate. 25% scored in the lower end of this range, while 25% scored higher than 32.

NC State ACT Policy and Requirements

NC State doesn't ask students to take the ACT Writing portion. NC State admits students only if they have the highest ACT score. It is their superscore rule.

This policy will have an impact on the way you test. Your ACT scores are yours to control. You can submit any score you choose from all ACT dates. You can submit any score below 27 on the ACT test to increase your score.

North Carolina State GPA requirements

North Carolina State requires exceptional grades in order to be admitted. NC State accepts grades from high schools ranging between 3.75 and 3.99. On a scale from 4.0, the average GPA was 3.81. This means that the average high school grade was A.

NC State has admitted 65% of the students in the top 10% who have the highest high school GPA. This all shows that students are highly competitive in their GPAs, making the admission process difficult.

Admissions Opportunities at NC State University

NC State University admissions are moderately competitive. Higher SAT/ACT scores can increase your chances to get in. The school also considers your GPA and SAT/ACT scores. They also pay attention to your dedication in high school classes, your writing skills, and your involvement in extracurricular activities.

Admission to this school is more likely for students who have A grades and high scores on tests.

NC State University's Application Rates

The four main factors that NC State University's admission committee considers during the admission process are: These four factors are listed below:

  • Accuracy and completeness of secondary school records.
  • Students are ranked by their class rank.
  • GPA grades.
  • Scores on SAT and ACT.

These are just a few of the factors that NC State considers important. Your essays will show that you have the talent, skill, or effort to be admitted to this school.

Tips to Apply to NC State University

This school receives more than 37,000 applications each year. The competition is high, so it's easy to understand the difficulty of getting in. These tips will help you make the admission process smoother.

  • Include the name of the program in your application.
  • Some programs can be very expensive. Be sure to mention your backup program.
  • Interviews are not required. This is not supported by the university.
  • Admission officers are available to answer any questions. This approach is accepted by the university.
  • To be admitted, you will need to submit three additional essays of no more than 250 words.

In Short

NC State was founded in Raleigh, NC. It is a public college which focuses only on a handful of programs. There are strict requirements to be admitted.

The average SAT score ranges from 1230-1410 and the ACT composite score ranges between 27-32. According to GPA data, the average GPA range for NC State is between 3.75 and 3.99.

NC State University accepts about 45% of all applicants. Only 35% choose to continue or enrol. Based on records of acceptance rates, the projected acceptance rate for NC State University is 44%. Get your gear on and make sure you're ready for the journey.

Frequently Asked Question

1. What are some other reasons you might be rejected by NC State University, besides SAT/ACT scores or GPA grades?

NC State University's acceptance rate is very high. This university is a top-ranked public university that offers quality education.

The admissions committee uses holistic reviews. The admission committee considers all aspects of your application, including extracurriculars, essays, ethnicity, state, gender, and other personal information. An application will be rejected if it is lacking in any one of these areas.

In-state and out of-state admissions rates are 52%, 19%, respectively. NC State requires that at least 80% of students in their first year be from the state. You may be turned down for admission due to this reason.

2. What are the reasons NC State University is a good choice?

Below are some reasons why it is a great choice:

  • The campus is picturesque.
  • A classic college town that offers good food and drink.
  • The state has a healthy, educated population.
  • Triangle Park is home to technology and pharmaceutical research.
  • Beautiful climate.
  • It's easy to navigate the campus.
  • There is a bus service available on campus that is free.
  • You can participate in extracurricular or competitive sports.

3. Is it possible to get a higher ACT score in exchange for a lower GPA?

In general, no. A 35 ACT score and a 3.9 GPA are required to be eligible for admission. This shows that you have taken a challenging course load and not received a single grade. But, a 3.5 GPA does not mean you are the same. There are very few chances that you will be admitted to this program.


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